Your consultation with Mr Paul Tulley is a incredibly important stage of your facelift surgery. He creates a calm, unpressurised environment where you can discuss your concerns with your appearance and what you hope to achieve by undergoing a facelift.

It is important to establish that these expectations are realistic, as a facelift is a highly effective way to tackle a number of ageing concerns, but it’s not able to make you look twenty again and it shouldn’t make you look like someone else. Mr Tulley aims to subtly enhance and rejuvenate your face, so you look beautifully refreshed but still you.

During your consultation, Mr Tulley will also closely examine the structures and tissues of your face to establish whether a facelift is the right procedure for you. This includes looking at the degree of sagging in the skin and volume that has been lost and also where the problem areas lie as it may be necessary to combine a facelift with another facial rejuvenation procedure to achieve optimum results.

Mr Tulley will also take a full medical and personal history to establish whether there are any underlying medical conditions or lifestyle factors that prohibit you from undergoing surgery or that should be taken into account. If you smoke, Mr Tulley will advise you stop smoking for a certain period both before and after surgery, as smoking can increase risks associated with the operation and also has a very detrimental effect on the healing process.

Finally, Mr Tulley will ensure that you are fully informed about the potential complications associated with your facelift procedure. This is essential for you to make a fully informed decision about your surgery. After your consultation, you will always have a two-week cooling-off period to consider all your options and Mr Tulley is happy to answer any further questions you may have or arrange a second consultation if required.